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Hey babe, i understand your frustration. First of all, let me state the obvious -- all nutritionists/therapists are different and "attack" the problem differently. how they deal with body image, weight, exercise, calorie-counting, "safe" foods, etc. varies majorly (i think) from specialist to specialist. i'm sure you realize that already, but i just wanted to re-state it.

in terms of exercise, yes, my therapist has allowed me to continue exercising. i'm allowed to run 3 miles (less than 25 min.) 4 days a week, i'm allowed to walk up to 1 mile (remember, living downtown it's necessary) on days i DON'T run. on days i do, no walking at all. that's what i've been "allowed" to do for the past couple months. (cut down MAJORLY from what i was doing when i entered therapy) that being said, i have had to FIGHT to keep exercise cuz i had such a hard time gaining weight. in hindsight, i probably should have just agreed to stop for a couple weeks way back when and then i could've started again. but i really enjoy it and it's very important to me, so i fought to keep what i could.

so what do i think you should do? not sure, honestly. i was allowed to "keep" some exercise because i would ALWAYS say "no, i'll eat 500 more calories a day, just PLEASE let me keep running my 3 little miles. and i won't walk AT ALL either." are you willing to do that? are you willing to eat 500/100/whatever the # might be calories more EVERY SINGLE DAY in order to do some little exercise? if you are, then yes, i'd say push the issue with the nutritionist. if you can't do that though (be brutally honest with yourself), then i'd say maybe exercise isn't the best thing right now. (remember, this isn't permanent)

i think if you feel VERY passionate about it and know that you're willing to commit to eating MUCH more food if necessary, then you should talk to her. what about 1 medium/slow pace mile walk per day? that'd make you feel good AND it wouldn't really "hurt" your recovery in my opinion. BUT, you've gotta be ready to keep up the food end of the "deal" too, you know?

oh, and those others exercising all that much? something tells me it isn't part of their recovery program (in other words, they're just doing it "against the rules" and hurting their own recovery). i think it IS common though for recovering anorexics not to be able to exercise AT ALL, so if she really sticks to her "NO!" then try to relax and find comfort in it. know that it's just there to help you in the end. good luck and hope this helps!!

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