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Thanks for the reply. First, if you believe your health is compromised, the last thing I would do is to give blood. If you want to know (not really a prodessional test) just gives you and idea. Pull your bottom eyelid down a bit and see if it looks pale. (like red eye liner on the inside of your eye) if the color is very pale, you may need to get it checked. Otherwise, giving blood is only another drain on your body that needs that will require more nutrients to make up. If after you make some small corrections in your lifestyle you still feel like you should feel better. Then go to one of those clinics that will take you without an appointment and tell the doctor you would like to get some blood work to see why you have no energy. They take a sample, (small) and you get the results by phone a few days later.

All this would be better if you did it with your parents. (they would pay for it!!). Now , I think you need to talk to your parents and see if you can convince them that you don't feel good, and you don't know why. Don't wait until they ask you to take out the garbage, clean your room, or do some other chore you hate. Talk to them when they are calm and (you too!) and you are not postponing a request from them. Then you will have their attention. You might try, when you are about to do something you really like. Then they will know you are serious.

I really think you may want to try the basic things before you escalate to the medicine man and drawing of blood.

Step one. (if you are in general good health, do not have a history of medical problems, your period is regular and not excessive, you are not on drugs, you are not bullemic or trying to be anorexic, and in general you are a normal 17 year old female, Then, the doctor could wait a little while you correct the things that are under your control.)

- Are you getting 10 to 12 hours of sleep every night? Equals rest and beauty sleep.
- Are you doing the the basic things that are expected from you at home and at school without having to be forced and nagged constantly? Equals a less stressful life, get it done on your own, before they have to ask.
- Have you lost a lot of weight in a short period of time? equals feeling tired and maybe sad. (yeah, I know you are happy because you lost the weight! but your body is sad and is not getting the nutrients it once got in abundance.)
- Are you eating balanced diet? equals weight control and less ups and downs with your stamina and your personality. One time I was told my cholesterol was elevated, and I stopped eating red meat. I then checked my blood and was told my cholesterol was OK but now I was anemic. There has to be something in each food group that you can bear to eat. And eat from all the food groups. (personally, I don't like vegetables, so I drink my vegetable (fiber) from metamucil. It's not pretty but it works)
- Are you smoking, drinking lots of coffee, or doing something that throws your body into an imbalance? equals periods of stress, maybe anxiety, sleeplessnes, moody etc. And also drains you body of some important nutrients.
- What kind of daughter are you? Are you the the type that will respond to every request with an nasty attitude. Or are you the type that will ask your mom if there is anything you can do to make her life (or your dad's)nicer or happier. Do you give them the love and respect that (hugs and kisses and nice words)you expect from them. Do you feel like they are the enemy, and all they can do is think of ways to make you feel miserable.
If this is the case maybe you need to make some changes at home. (You get alot more sugar than you do with vinegar!).

I know for sure that if you are happy, your body will be happy. (And for sure, if your parents are happy, you will be the happiest person in the world!!)

One last thing, at your age, your body is developing, and it needs all your help to do so in an appropiate way. Look at it like a machine that will take you anywhere you want to go, for a long long time, as long as you put in the time to do the maintenance.

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