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Re: RE:from caz
Jan 3, 2001
[quote]Originally posted by CAZ:
[b]Hey, thanx for replying to my message, i dont want to get a new doctor cause they are just not helping, i am scared, and i am still losing weight, i am 16 and i fit in age 9-10 clothes, i have just found out that i have cancer, so i have that to worry about too.(thanx for the compliment about my writing james) Anyway i know i need help, but i just dont want it, i feel so fat and i just want to be really thin, i want to look like ally mcbeal so is soooo pretty. It all started because i relised that men like thin wowen, i egt alot of attention from men cause i am thin, my boyfriend tells me i am too thin and so does my best mates, but they are lying to make me feel better. Its not like i am not pretty but i am not thin enough, maybe if i keep starving myself i might end up dead, that might be the best idea i have had in a while, no-one would care if i did die, my mum and me don't get on, my dad doesn't want to know me, i cant talk to my brothers and sisters cause they hate me. they only people i have are my best friend and my boyfriend, my other best mate died of bulimia and anorexia and i feel that it is my fault i have to go now sorry this rambles on a bit love caz[/b][/quote]

Dear Caz
I sorry to here you have cancer that's awful I hope that you are all right. Thanks for wanting my email address I would love to hear from you. I tried to change my email and password at the same time and have temporarily zapped myself for the system. so I have re-registered This is my email address [email protected]

I'm interested in your attitude to food because its so different from mine. For a long time I used to look at food as means to alter my mood or get comfort, never about weight, I've never had the slightest concern about it. What I hate is feeling addicted to sugar I mean really in the grip of a uncontrollable desire to eat. My aim is to be balanced in what I eat and to feel reasonably healthy, I don't like worrying about my health and the idea that I'm doing myself harm.

Anyway I'm interested how do you function without eating. I mean what do you run on batteries? What about "girlpower"? How are you surpposed to have that, when you are on the verge of fainting though trying not to eat? You mention that your friends are lying to you to make you feel better, yeah right! That really likely, after all, it could not possibly be that they have your best interests at heart.

In regards to your own size and weight, that is your choice and up to you to decide.
But you to be attractive what's the point in being so thin that you have no energy to be sexy. It takes effort to smile and be cheerful. If you haven't got any energy you might as well be a mannequin in some shop window and I don't see many men going out with mannequins.

Warmest regards James

PS I'm sorry if this sounds harsh its just the way it comes out sometimes, I really wish the very best though ;=)

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