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Dear Gem

I know how distressing ED's can be having suffered with anorexia for most of my life but I am in recovery now and have been for 2 years so things can turn around. You are caught in a viscious circle and as a result your body is seriously suffering. There is a lot that you can do to alter your situations but you have to accept that it will take a while and that you must take little baby steps all of the time because otherwise you will get really scared and resort back to your old ED methods.

For a start your body can no longer cope with all the pressure you are putting it under with the vomiting and laxatives. You are losing your hair which is a very common symptom amongst bulimics and other things can go seriously wrong too. Your teeth can be really badly damaged, you risk heart attacks, and kidney damage and serious internal bleeds.

Your metabolism right now has slowed right down because your body thinks it is starving. What you need to do is re-educate your metabolism into working for you again and the best way to do this is to eat little and often and to do a SAFE amount of exercise two or three times a week. By eating little and often your blood sugar will not dramatically fall causing you to feel faint or think continually about food. When you are starving your mind cannot do anything but concentrate on food and so naturally you will reach a point where you cannot help yourself you have to binge, then the guilt kicks in and you vomit or purge. If you can stop the cycle starting then you are winning. If you can start the day with a healthy breakfast of fruit and low fat/high fibre cereal your blood sugar will stay level, so that by 11.00 am you won't be desperate to binge. Gradually over time if you can add more and more small meals during the day and wean yourself off the bingeing things will improve.

As your metabolism increases and your diet becomes healthier your weight will gradually decrease to a natural level. If you try to aim for an anorexic level you are always going to be disappointed. No-one can keep their weight at an underweight level without suffering severe side-effects. At that level your body will still be starving and food will be your only thought. If you want to leave behind this ED you have to accept that you need to live at a healthy weight. I know that probably isn't what you want to hear but unfortunately it is the truth. With your weight at an anorexic level you will become infertile and your bones will be damanged. I didn't have periods for 14 years and my bones were seriously affected. I am now waiting for another bone scan and even though I am so much healthier now the damage has been done and I could suffer with osteoporosis as I get older.

I don't know if any of my ramblings helped but I hope they did.

Take care and good luck



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