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I know how you feel. i just got back from the hospital 15 days ago, i had anorexia, [removed] MY my sister and brother in law was watching my all the time, what i was eating. When I started binging and then i binged i wanted to restrict myself and my sister was screaming at me in front of my daughter, i feel that my daugter lost respect to me. I am home by myself all the time, i am substitute teacher,so i work then they call me, i do see eating disorder specialist and he is saying i have to eat [so much], which seems a lot to me, but than i start eatind breakfast i can not stop i binge on everything, I gained [removed], i hate myself, i do not want to do anything, i ruined relationship with my sister and brother in law, which took care of me while i was in the hospital, they got disapointed that i was sneaking candies, i want to be skiny and do not know why do i do that,i can nat accept myself being fat, [removed] my doctor says i have distorted body imige and i have to concentrate on eating healthy,not loosing weight and then i am like that i do not want to see my friends, because i never been like this, my friends used to se me skinny, toned and now i look hoorible, i think they would not accept me like that and thats all i can think, and my sister is saying that i am self absorbed and she critises me every day, she says i do not know how to love people and expect that from others, i live in her place, i do not pay bills, i do not have a car, i used to be so independent, now i have to ask her to take me to places and lots of time she refuses to do that. I want to get rid of that fat fast and stop binging, any advice how to do that, or is anybody went thru that?

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