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oh babe, i know how you feel. binging is absolutely horrible and, in my opinion at least, VERY difficult to beat. so try not to feel too angry at or disappointed in yourself. it's a really terrible "addiction" of sorts and it's extrememly challenging to overcome. it's like, once that "binge monster" takes over, you just can't stop yourself, no matter how much logical thought/reasoning you put into it, right?

if it's any consolation, i know from experience that it CAN be beat. you can (and will!) get to the point where you honestly don't even feel the URGE to binge anymore. i swear. you won't even think about it any more, much less WANT to do it and have to try to fight off the urges. i'm not saying it's easy to do (hell, it ain't easy at all), but i want to offer you hope that you CAN stop binging.

i (if you haven't guessed it already) had MAJOR binging problems in the past. i'm recovering from anorexia, but it's actually the binging that made me finally seek therapy. (basically, i was so fed up with binging 3000+ calories in one binge multiple times a week (or some months, daily) that i just "gave up" and decided i needed professional help cuz i couldn't do it alone.) so i've definitely been there before. i hope that your binging isn't as bad as mine was (cuz nobody should have to deal with that), but even if it is, take solace in the fact that i HAVE beat it and i honestly don't even THINK about binging anymore. i never have any urge to do it, i never have to "distract" myself from that urge, etc. it took a LONG time to get to that point, but the longer you go, the easier it gets, you know?

first of all, i'd REALLY recommend therapy. i still don't think i could've done it all by myself. there are underlying things causing the binges, and therapy is the BEST way to deal with it and really SOLVE the problem, you know? (plus, even though this sounds dorky, having to "hold myself accountable" to my therapist helped me not to binge. i felt like a failure when i did binge and had to tell her about it. that probably wasn't very constructive, but hell, it helped me stop.)

you seem to have a good grasp on why you binge actually (hello, CONTROL! just like that dam* anorexia ... i think that's why so many anorexics binge, you know?) so keep meditating on those thoughts of why/when you binge. it's very important to try to assess when you're most "at risk" of binging, you know? you have to know those triggers and know them well, so that you can be PREPARED to fight the urge. (preparation for the "binge urge/feelings" is the most important thing, i think) one more thing and then i'll give you some things i did to "avoid" binging. i know you're recovering from anorexia and trying to eat more, but i have to just mention this: not eating enough (even if it's more than you were before) is a HUGE cause of binging. if your body is starving, it's going to be A LOT harder to fight off the binge. you'll be a lot more likely to feel those urges and you'll be a lot weaker in terms of fighting it off. i honestly think that my therapist basically "forcing" me to eat more in my meal plan was a big helper in terms of me being able to stop binging. so that's another reason i'd recommend therapy, i guess.

okay, how to avoid/stop. man, it's tough, so don't think i'm just spouting off advice. all of these things worked for me (some better than others, you'll find that too), but they all failed for me at various times too. and the motivation it takes to actually DO these things (rather than heading straight to the kitchen) is TREMENDOUS. you won't WANT to do this stuff, you gotta force yourself to until the urge passes, you know? expect to "slip," cuz you will. but then you just focus on getting back up and fighting again. one more thing that was absolutely KEY for me was never allowing a binge to start. once it did, i could not stop it. seriously. i think some people can stop once they've started, but to this day, i never have been able to. so ALL of my "tactics" were focused on stopping the potential binge before it had a chance to begin, you know? Anyway, these are some things i did to "avoid" binging:

1. Meal Plan (it REALLY helps to stick to one, cuz then simple "munching" can't turn into a binge)
2. Smoke cigarettes (don't start unless you already do obviously, but something about the fact that i'd go outside and smoke that nasty tasting cigarette actually DID help me chill out and distract myself. deep breathing is probably healthier!)
3. Reading (this helped cuz it distracted my mind. TV didn't work for me.)
4. Nice relaxing walk with headphones (music is REALLY helpful. sometimes i'd have to walk for a LONG time for the urge to go away, but it worked.)
5. Shower (weird, yes, but it worked. you get all wet, dry off, do your hair and all of the sudden, the urge has passed.)
6. Playing piano (or any other musical instrument or doing arts and crafts stuff ... basically any hobby that you can "get lost" in.)
7. Call a friend (this was REALLY effective cuz i'd have to think about things OTHER than food and i'd hang up feeling happy usually)

i think all of the other points lead up to #8, but i think that's the main point --you have to keep yourself really busy and distracted so you CANNOT binge. i did lots of little "projects," so when i'd want to binge, i'd say "fine, you can, but you have to do X, Y, and Z first. then you can binge." and usually, by the time i'd finished, i would have "regained consciousness" and been able to fight off the urge to binge. so just try to keep yourself busy and distracted and trust that you CAN do this. good luck!!!

(ps - sorry this is so long! whenever anyone asks for help with stopping binging, i always want to help as much as i can cuz i remember how much binging ruined my life. anyway, i hope it helps.)
[QUOTE=paperdoll08]Hey everyone -
I have a confession. I binged last night. I'm so angry with myself. I know its a form of self distruction. When I have a really good day, feel good about how I look, and the progress I've made, the next day is completely brutal. I feel like I have to "check" myself, not let myself get too happy, because I might get unhappy, and it's not worth the fall. So I'd rather do something distructive to myself, like binge, rather than let nature take its course. I know how I feel after a binge, I know it makes me want to stop eating healthy, to keep restricting. I give myself the ok to starve when I've binged. Usually I don't binge until the weekends, but this time, I'm out of control. I binged on Tuesday too. I'm not suprised I felt the need to self distruct. I just got a new haircut, I'm stressed about work, and there is a potential boy in my life. Of course I'm going to feel like crap and try to medicate, and ease the pain with binging. Does anyone have any insight on how they got over their binging? How you could identify that you were at risk before you were knee deep in a binge?[/QUOTE]

Hi Paperdoll8,

I know how you feel. I am going through the same thing. I binge alot, and
I am a "closet eater." I have done horrible things like: getting into cookies, chips, healthy and unhealthy foods. Also I have boughten food from stores, and then I would eat it when I am alone in my room.

I don't have anorexia and bulimina, but I do know what it is like to binge.
Once you start binging, you feel like you can't stop, and you just want to keep on eating. The urges are the worst part of the disorder. I have urges to go out and buy more food and eat it as soon as I get home.

I try not to give into those urges, but it is really hard. The urges are really strong. Getting over a Eating Disorder is hard, I know. But you have to do it,
it's not healthy to have a Eating Disorder.

The best things to do is: first of all, you need to see a Psychiatrist because you can't do this alone. Also don't feel embarrassed when you talk to the Psychiatrist, because they are there to help you. That's what they are there for.

Also if you haven't, you should talk to your family and friends about your problem, because they can help you too.

Also like another poster said, you should do things to keep yourself busy
like: do a puzzle, chat with friends, read a book, watch a movie, etc.
Anything to keep your mind busy, and try not to give into the urges,
because the more you give into them, the more harder it's going to get.

Like I said before, it's really hard to get over a Eating Disorder, but you gotta take one step at a time and hang in there. It's really hard, I know. But you can do this.

Also I am really glad that you created this thread, it really helps to talk about it with other people who know and understand what you are going through.

You are not alone in this. I wish you the best, and please let me know how you are doing.
I know how you feel. i just got back from the hospital 15 days ago, i had anorexia, [removed] MY my sister and brother in law was watching my all the time, what i was eating. When I started binging and then i binged i wanted to restrict myself and my sister was screaming at me in front of my daughter, i feel that my daugter lost respect to me. I am home by myself all the time, i am substitute teacher,so i work then they call me, i do see eating disorder specialist and he is saying i have to eat [so much], which seems a lot to me, but than i start eatind breakfast i can not stop i binge on everything, I gained [removed], i hate myself, i do not want to do anything, i ruined relationship with my sister and brother in law, which took care of me while i was in the hospital, they got disapointed that i was sneaking candies, i want to be skiny and do not know why do i do that,i can nat accept myself being fat, [removed] my doctor says i have distorted body imige and i have to concentrate on eating healthy,not loosing weight and then i am like that i do not want to see my friends, because i never been like this, my friends used to se me skinny, toned and now i look hoorible, i think they would not accept me like that and thats all i can think, and my sister is saying that i am self absorbed and she critises me every day, she says i do not know how to love people and expect that from others, i live in her place, i do not pay bills, i do not have a car, i used to be so independent, now i have to ask her to take me to places and lots of time she refuses to do that. I want to get rid of that fat fast and stop binging, any advice how to do that, or is anybody went thru that?

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