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I'm still here
Feb 2, 2001
Just wanted to let you all know that I am stil around. I ahve been on here regularly reading the posts but have not really been able to reply. I think it is my depression. Must be going through a low time right now. I don't feel to sad, just disinterested in everything.
I had my dr.'s apointment on Tuesday. It was so good to get back to a former dr. who was also a good friend! We spent the first part of the appointment filling her in on what has been going on with me since she left for Mongolia three years ago.
I told her about my laxative abuse. She didn't lecture me or anyting. We have been through this and anorexia before. She did ask me to start taking a multi-vitamin and to set a goal for when I will stop using the laxatives, either a certain date or a certain date. I got the vitamins but haven't decided when I will stop yet.
Of course I had to visit the "vampires" in the lab. I was proud of myself. I behaved very adult-like. I got the results back yesterday and everything checked out fine . . . EXCEPT . . . my white blood cell count was "borderline high". She said it could just be from a virus. I get it checked again in a month. In the meantime, I have something new to worry about. I just had to go on the internet to see what a high count means. One thing it can mean is leukemia. Oh great!! Well, I'll try not to worry too much but I know I will worry some.
Now, I am still using laxatives so not much else has changed. I'll try to get on more often and not just be a "lurker".


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