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Re: Sudden death?
Feb 4, 2001
Ali Hi,

Yes, unfortunately all that you have read is true vomiting is extremely dangerous and you don't have to have been doing it for years for it to cause harm. Not everyone of us have the same constitution, some people are stronger than others and can withstand the affects of frequent vomiting more than others but eventually it takes its toll on everyone that does it.

The effects of vomiting can be devastating you can lose all of your teeth, your hair, badly damage your throat and risk major internal bleeds possibly followed by death. The electrolyte balance of your body is affected and this affects your heart causing irregular rhythms and possible heart attacks at any time. I hope very much that you are hearing what I am saying BUT I worry that you won't because you are so determined to lose weight. Vomiting could ultimately lead to your death, eating disorders are killers and yes I do know what I am talking about because I listened to the anorexic voice in my head that told me I was invincible, nothing could happen to me and that all I needed to do was lose a little more weight for 15 years until I was 24 hours away from death and the doctors had nearly given up hope.

Be honest with your psychiatrist now. Tell him the truth and accept any help that he has to offer you. Sometimes we aren't lucky enough to be given second or third chances, take the chance that you have now. I am sure you understand that ED's do not just get better of your own accord we all need help and support at some point to at least start us on the road to recovery.

Good luck and take care



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