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Dizzy and Weak
Feb 25, 2001
Hello, Ali here, how is everyone doing? Me, not so good. Lately i have been getting dizzy all the time and i am so weak. i walk around feeling like i am going to faint at any moment. I feel like i am killing myself but i can't stop. I don't even go near food.

i've been basically dropping .5 to sometimes 1 lb a day. I am back down to 110 which for 5'8 i know is not good. I am sooo weak right now, and i don't think anyone can make me better except myself. i want to get better but i am sooo afraid of food. I don't know why. i was never heavy. i started dieting at 127.
I would, also, like to order books online. My mom agreed and said i could and i was wonderng what would be the best choices and where do you find them... janet: i read your post and my mom and i agreed to read these books together. I feel so bad because she doesn't know what to do anymore and she barely understands. I barely understand myself why i continue this misery. I keep lying to my mom and my therapist saying i eat fine... but i know i don't. I am not in denial, well i am in a way but deep down i know what i am doing.

Its not even about weight anymore. I don't know what it is about. I think i am too skinny right now but i never want to gain 1 more pound. i just want to kepp losing and losing and.....

Anyways which books are very helpful?? My mom and i are going to read them together at night and any replies would be helpful!~
Thanks again,

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