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Hello! I read in a magazine that a woman needs 1800 calories a day, which seems like WAY too much to me. I am 21 years old, 5'7" and overweight, but I eat only like 800 calories or so. I think I have ruined my metabolism since in high school I was probably borderline anorexic (I would ate an apple and a can of coke a day for months at a time, and then i would get sick and tired and stay home in bed and my mom would make me eat). Sometimes (like today) I ate a large meal (not binging, maybe like 600 calories, which is a very big meal for me) and then I made myself throw up. I don't do this very often (maybe a few times a month) and when I do it, I don't eat very much before, so is this any disease or anything? Also, if I start eating more calories a day (not 1800, that still seems like too much!), will it make me fat, since like I said, I think I have made my metabolism really low? I think that 1000 a day would be fine for me. Also, I bought a bottle of Xenadrine and have been taking it and it makes me feel not so guilty about this bad?? One more thing, I exercise about an hour of cardio a day, so I would think that would help me out somehow.

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