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Hi Lilbear

Yeah your magazine is right if in fact a little on the low size. The average number of calories a healthy woman needs each day is 1,950. I know this seems huge to you right now and that does actually signify that you do have a problem with eating and it would be advisable for you to see a doctor. No one is supposed to go below 1,000 calories per day. Below that are you will not be able to give your body all the vitamins and minerals that it needs to survive. Our bodies need 1,400 calories each day just to keep functioning (before we do any exercise of any kind), i.e. breathing, the heart beating, the blood pumping etc. That is why 1,000 calories is the amount diets recommend to lose weight at a healthy level because it is 400 calories less than the amount EVERYONE needs to just function.

Vomiting is very dangerous and potentially could cause you to have a heart attack or rupture your stomach. It is very destructive to teeth and causes hair to fall out. These are just a couple of many side effects. PLEASE don't use this as a method of weight loss.

If you really need to lose weight try going to your doctor and talking with him/her. Explain about what you are doing with food and he/she should explain to you about healthy eating, give you a diet plan and help you with the bulimic behaviour, it may be that he even suggests a therapist. I can help you with healthy eating plans but you DO need to talk about the bulimic behaviour with a doctor.

Hope that helps a little.
Thinking of you



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