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Aug 12, 2001
What do you mean when you say that your body won't take anymore food? A bowl of cheerios is healthy, but it isn't enough. That's only like 150 calories and you need like 1350 just to live and breath and lie in bed, another 400 just for daily sitting and standing and probably another 500 or more for all the daily activity that you're getting, so you could lose 2 pounds week eating like 1400 calories a day and you will feel so much better. I lost all that weight by never cutting my calories to below 1300. When I did that I stopped losing weight. It was hard because I wanted to eat less so badly, but I knew that if I did it I wouldn't lose weight and I would be extremely tired, etc. Are you close to your mom? If so you should say that you are just going through a difficult time in your life right now and would like to a cousolor. Whatever you tell a counsolor she can't tell anyone else by law, so it's so good to have someone to tell everything to that no one else understands. Please, please, please, don't go on like this for too long. The longer you continue, the deeper and deeper you get into it and the harder it is to get back to reality. Life has so much more to it than what you're seeing right now. If you want to lose like 5 or 10 pounds healthfully I'm sure that your counsolor or someone can help you do that, but you have to keep eating to stay alive. One day you will regret destroying your body, but there will be nothing that you can do. I started losing lots of hair and now I have to take extra calcium because it's so bad for your bones. Fortunately I'm still a teen, so I can make up for most of it still. This is a really good website to explore when you have time [url=""][/url]
Good luck!

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