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hello, freedom seeker!

i would like commend you on speaking up about your eating disorder. recognizing you have a problem and talking about it are a couple of the first steps towards taking better care of yourself and working towards decreasing your unhealthy compulsions.

i've had an eating disorder for years and through speaking with others who i can relate to, and by finding a good counselor who specializes in eating disorders, i can honestly say i'm doing a lot better now. i've been through a lot - starvation, laxatives, freak diets, binging - isolating myself and having food be my only source of comfort.

this is a very good bulletin board, and you can get support and encouragement here. i am encouraging you to speak more about yourself when you want to, and to please seek out a professional counselor or therapist to help you along. its not as scary as it may sound - it feels a little weird at first, after holding everything in for so long, to be divulging bits of information about yourself to a stranger, but i've grown very close to my counselor. i chose a woman because i'm a woman and feel more comfortable talking with females. we've talked a lot about the emotional issues that contribute in ways to my eating disorder. i used to get panic attacks too - i rarely get them now.

i hope i've helped you in some way. welcome to this board. i hope you realize what a great thing you've done today by getting this off your chest! keep it up!


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