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Re: Laxative abuse
Sep 21, 2001
Here's a little blip on lax abuse Mel,

Laxatives actually do not prevent weight gain. By the time a laxative works, the food has already been digested and absorbed into the system. Laxative use may result in a slight loss in water weight, but the food has already had its effect.

Laxative abuse can cause bloating, abdominal cramps, and can damage the colon by causing ileus (il-e-us) or kinking of the colon. Laxative abuse can also cause an imbalance of the fluid and electrolyte balance of the body, which leads to low potassium levels. This can eventually lead to urinary tract infections, kidney failure, and heart irregularities.

Laxatives are physically addictive and in some cases, overuse has been associated with colon cancer.

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