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Re: Laxative abuse
Sep 21, 2001
Hi Mel

I too abuse laxatives . . . I don't think I am as bad with them as most people, but I do take them in large quantities every few days. I have started to use them less, with the help of my boyfriend. In fact, I've only used them twice this month! I'm very proud of that. I am very ashamed to say this, but I have resorted to stealing them on a number of occasions . . . this just adds to the list of reasons why i'm a terrible person. But I am really trying hard to stop this.

If you are feeling like you need the lax, why don't you try eating a lot of fiber-rich foods? Lots and lots of bran will do the trick. It keeps things going without the lax, and soon your body will learn how to do it on its own. I'm assuming that you are dependant on them after using them for so long, which can lead to LOADS of troubles. The can even cause death if they are abused! Please work towards weaning yourself off of them, you'll feel so much better. If you are restricting your food intake and exercising a lot, lax will do double damage to your weakened body . . . please take care, and talk to someone about your returning ED feelings. Nothing is worth more than your happiness, and your ED will just steal everything you've worked for in the past 2 years. Talk to someone so you can figure out what is bothering you lately, so you don't get caught in the trap again.


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