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Oh my goodness, I can't say enough good things about all of you!! Thank you all SOOOOOO much for your support and hugs and everything. My boyfriend and I are still very happy together, and I've been eating better, too. My boyfriend has been so supportive of me, and I've been opening up more to him about the little tricks and fears and stuff that go along with my ED. I'm just so happy that he is in my life. He has a number of friends who are very thin, though (including his ex girlfriend, recovering anorexic), and I get very worried when he's hanging out with them. I think that I have to be thinner than them, even though he keeps telling me I need to gain weight. They are all definitely skinnier than me, and I have a hard time with that. Even though he loves ME, I know he likes small women, and I feel very threatened when he's with them. Wow, I've made him sound kinda bad, as if he LIKES being with anorexic girls . . . he's not like that at all, but he does like girls that he can wrap up in his arms and stuff. Any suggestions on what to do about my jealousy and insecurity when it comes to these girls?


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