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All of my friends are constantly watching what i eat and asking me if i am anorexic or bulimic. I am neither. Everyone says i am really thin. Im 5'3 and i weigh 86 lbs which i know is not alot for my height. i think i have an eating disorder but i dont always eat when i am hungry. for instance if i am just a little hungry but i know that i am eating later i wont eat anything. To me that doesnt register as a problem. im just not a snacking person. but when i eat, i do eat a fairly normal amount. I dont know why i dont gain weight and my family is worried because i went from 96 to 86 in the past year. i think its just because i lost some of my baby fat and got taller. Comments about my weight and size have increased since I am doing my semester term paper on eating disorders. everyone seems to think that they absolutly are sure i have a problem. i am to the point where i just want to have everyone sit down and watch me eat and moniter me for 24 hours after so they know that i am just fine!!! What should I do?


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