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Part-time anorexic
Jun 1, 2002
I am a part-time anorexic..or so I think. I am 14 years old I currently am 5'4" 115 pounds. Somewhat normal right? Wrong. I have a severely distorted body image, although I have never really told anyone I still know. When I look in the mirror, instead of seeing a beautiful teenage girl I see big hips, thunder thighs, a poochy stomach and flabby arms. Most anorexics can't control what they do.. I can. When I start to feel really big. I'll stop eating..I'll not eat lunch at school and eat small portions or nothing at home, until I get to what looks to me a like good size, (or until my mom says, "Are you losing weight?") to which then I say, "No, Do I look smaller?" Sometimes she's told me, "Heather, I think you may be anorexic." I just brush her off and act like its nothing, but I know I am. I have been for several years since around the end of 6th grade. As of right now, I can control myself, but I understand that that isn't always possible. I also know that this is a very serious disease and should not be taken lightly. I come from a home unlike most anorexics where I am told daily that I'm loved and I'm special. I have friends and family that care for me and want me to be healthly. That's why I know I should stop. but something inside keeps going. If you have any advice or care to share your story with me

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Hey hnh2006! I just wanted to say good luck to you in your recovering from being a part time anorexic! I'm 14 years old and I'm only borderline anorexic and I just started recovering a couple weeks ago! It was only 6 months ago that I started eating barely anything and exercising all the time! I have a severely distorted body image too! I know people tell me all the time how skinny I am, but I just don't see that! I see what you see! I hate it.. I wish I could see myself the way others see me! I'm about 5'2" in a half and weigh 98 pounds! I've lost about 25 pounds though since December! If you need someone to talk to please email me because I actually need someone to talk! so email me if you can!

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