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Hi Alex (no, NOT ĎCrazyí!) :D

Welcome to Health Boards! Itís nice to have some newbies here, too. :)

You came to the right placeÖ there are plenty of people here whoíll be happy to support you and give you advice. :)

Itís good that you are able to talk to your parents. I think itís so much nicer to know that they understand. :)

Exercise is good, but if your parents DO allow you to begin exercising again, do it only in moderate amounts. Itís great to avoid depression; you donít want to be stuck living with an eating disorder AND depression, after all! Just donít overdo it. A low body weight can so easily cause depression.

Donít let yourself believe that you are to blame for this disorder. Youíre not. This disease can affect anybody. Itís like any other disease, you canít stop yourself from getting those, and itís not a whole lot different with anorexia! Your parents donít blame you, theyíre just sad for you, and afraid for you, but in no way would they blame you. :)

110 pounds is not a lot for someone your height, so thereís no reason to be afraid of reaching it. Of course, I know itís not as easy as that with a distorted body image and allÖ but one day youíll be able to do it! :) For now though, make 100 your goal, and work up from there. Maybe if you see that you really donít look fat at 100 pounds, youíll be able to go a little higher? Worth a try, right? Beats the alternative!

Please, post back and let us all know how youíre getting on. Once again, welcome to the boards! :)

Take care,

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