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Ash, I am really scared for you. This disease has really gotten hold of you and I am very worried. You really must try and regain control. I know you can do it Ashlee. You are strong. You are strong! Don't let this disease take you.
You must eat a small amount of something high in protein every half hour throughout the day. And you MUST keep it down. Don't think of it in terms of food or meals, just take a tiny snack every 30 minutes. Do this for at least three days, and then the next day try a little more each time. Try to never let yourself feel full, but on the other hand try to never get to the point of feeling hungry. I know you dont feel hungry at the moment, but your body has lost its ability to feel in that way. You are in starvation mode. and it is only gradually that your body will start to tell you went to eat in a normal way again.
Ashlee would you rather fight this, or be sectioned and fed through a drip straight into your stomach? Because that is where you are heading. You are slowly killing yourself Ash, and I can't bear to see it.
Try for me please. Jay xxxxx

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