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Re: Ivy !!
Jun 20, 2002
Hey Ivy, how did today go? Did you talk to your mom about the summer semester and about needing more food money? Did you go to the bank to get some food money? I really hope you did and that you had something to eat today. You know that you need more - since you said you'd tell your sister to eat more. Please try to treat yourself with the same respect and rational approach that you treat your friends and family. Even if you still have some extra weight, you do not need to lose it this way.

By the way, I know you're about 5'8". You said you didn't know your weight. How about weighing yourself the next time you're near a scale? Do they have one at the swimming pool? Or in the dorm restrooms? Why not make a stop in the health center and use theirs? You need to know what your weight is and plan a healthy diet to either lose the rest of the extra weight - or realize that you've lost enough and find a healthy maintenance program. Starvation is not the answer.

Talk to us Ivy and let us know what's going on. Love, Mel

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