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(((((((((( :angel: Carrie :angel: ))))))))))

Oh Carrie... I'm so sorry you're feeling so down. :( I know you've been through a lot, I just wish you would get a break once in a while...

First of all, completely forget about what Kirsti said. My sister has done the exact same to me many times... calling me anorexic before I was even diagnosed... and I know I let it bother me too much. The thing is, it DOESN'T MATTER what they think. This is your life, and what other people think and say shouldn't make a difference.

Your sister was obviously not in a very good mood when she said that... and will probably regret it later. If you can, talk to her about it and let her know how much it hurt you... if that's too difficult, simply try to stay away from her when she acts like that.

I'm sorry... I really don't have any advice for you about your friend.

Perhaps though (or quite likely!), your friend's girlfriend is simply jelous of the amount of time her boyfriend spent with you while she was away. If this is the case, perhaps she has some influence over him which makes him feel 'wrong' in communicating with you too often. You shouldn't be afraid to ask him about it. He sounds as though he is quite a good friend, and your friendship doesn't have to end simply because he has a girlfriend that is a little jelous! (If that's even the problem, that is.)

I know you must feel terrible about being dumped right now, but trust me, that guy wasn't worth it anyway. Everyone is dumped sometime in their lives... it's all a part of growing up and being in relationships. Don't take it personnaly, whatever you do. It's not because you're not good enough or not pretty enough (because I'm sure you're beautiful anyway), because, believe it or not, most guys (at least the ones that are worth it) are more into a girls personality rather than her appearance.

Oh what am I DOING??? ME? Giving out advice on relationships??? I've never had a boyfriend in MY LIFE!!! :eek: LOL!

Please try to eat a little today, Carrie. Do it not for me... not for the people on this board, but for yourself. You need food to live, Carrie (you don't say!), and right now, you simply aren't getting enough. :( Come on, you're making me worry! Eat a little snack now, and another in a few hours. And don't worry about your weight, because by eating small amounts like that, you won't gain any weight. You do need to eat though... it's dangerous what you're doing to yourself.

Take care,

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