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Re: Sugar RUSH
Oct 16, 2006
hey LS
this is similar to a previous i do the same - its like i only allow myself to have certain foods at the end of the day - its like we save up the calories, or have this unconscious rule at "i can only have....if i do this this and this during the day" yours might be due to have little breakfast and may feel you have earned or saved up the calories to have something sweet at night...i dont no LS, but just typing what first comes to mind.
i no that i do this...its a vicious cycle...every morning is a new morning...and as you were saying about in (your ) summer (as we have different seasons and times in australia!) that you were having more to eat in summer for seems as though the ed has got you into one of these cycles...and has started to limit your food....but....isnt a huge figi apple more filling than a couple of pieces of toast...???
i dont no...everyone is different but i always feel as though frust can be bulky and filling
take care LS...would love to hear from you!
Re: Sugar RUSH
Oct 22, 2006
Im kind of in agreement with Joni...I have been online (not as much though), but havent posted a response cuz frankly..I dont even know what to say anymore! lol..Ive posted advice, opinions, memories and experiences of myown, rhetorical questions, suggestions ranging from "read a book" to "follow this plan as follows" to "talk to your nutritionist" and nothing seems to get you to see that you are NO better off than when you began, when you began posting ..what..a year ago now? on the diet nutrition boards (before even admitting you were in any sort of trouble)..frankly, I don't know what else to say, so instead of just letting out my frustrations I just don't say anything at all..

That's not to say I wish you the best or want to help you in any way I can, its just to say that I AM here, but like Joni said- you won't be helped by anyone until you are ready to help yourself.

:) Good luck babe, I really hope you get what youre doing..

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