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Hey there, 9Volt! Iím so happy that youíre feeling so optimistic right now... thatís really what it takes to beat these disorders! :)

Congratulations on making it five days! Thatís wonderful news! Or Ďmarvelousí as you call it! (Hmmm... a new favourite word! :p)

Just work on one problem at a time, 9Volt. Youíre getting the binging sorted out, and now itís time to start working on the other problems. In other words, no more diet pills and laxatives! :nono: You can do this, 9Volt... itís the eating disorder thatís making you believe that you canít do without all that stuff, when in actual fact you can.

Keep it up; youíre going well now. :) Just slowly cut down on the diet pills and laxatives (which, I may remind you, have no lasting effects on your weight anyhow. So even though you THINK you need to take them, you donít because they donít really do a thing anyway!

Take care of yourself, and sorry I havenít been around much lately to give any support. I apologise for that.


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