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Hi josie!!! :wave:

It's so good that you've noticed that there is a problem! That's always a hard first step to take! Admidtting that you might need help is the first step to actually recovering from an ED. Of course I'm not a medical professional and I can't tell you anything that you don't want to believe, but it does sound like there is a problem. And obviously you think there's a problem too, because you took the time to research it and find this board and post! I admire you! That's a huge first step.

Purging is not healthy...ever. Even just once in a while can cause severe damage to so many parts of your body!

As for the doctor's (and anybody else for that matter) it's so hard to diagnose an ED. Because the media has distorted it and shown the severest cases, many people believe until you weigh 48 pounds you don't have an ED. The truth is that ANYBODY can have an ED. You can be underweight, "normal" weight, overweight. It doesn't matter, and unfortunatly, it also doesn't matter what you weigh or how long you've battled an ED before it can cause permanent damage to your body. So don't take the fact that your doctor didn't say anything to mean that you're not batteling an eating disorder! Because I've been bulumic off and on for years (more severely this time for almost a year now) and nobody in my family knows. People want to believe that everything is "normal." And it is my belief that hiding an ED becomes an art form. I know with me, personally, I will create reasons to go to the bathroom after I've finished a meal. It sometimes baffles me to think that for almost a year I've gone to the bathroom after EVERYTIME I'VE EATEN ANYTHING and yet my parents, my brothers, my friends don't notice. So please don't believe that just because your doc didn't say anything that it means what you don't need or deserve help! You do! Everybody deserves help.

Have you told anybody else about your concerns? That may be a good place to start. Even if it can't be a doctor, love and support are crucial. GOOD LUCK!! I know you can do this!


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