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Hi Legally_Brunette!!! :)

First of all, congrats on being in recovery for 2 months!! :bouncing: That's a great thing! It really really is!!

88 pounds is tiny tiny tiny for ANYBODY despite their height! You're incredibly thin, and you're right, the reason you can't see that is because of the anorexia. That's the hardest part, to be able to look in the mirror and see what's REALLY there and not some distorted version of yourself. :(

I don't know that I believe that every eating disorder is about depression either. I mean, I know that I have days where I'm depressed, but I think I might agree with you when I say I don't feel like that. I think it CAN go hand in hand...and that someone with an ED is MORE LIKELY to become depressed...but to say that they are always correlated may be a bit of a stretch.

As for when eating becomes habit and not feeling guilty, I'm not sure. I'm not there yet :( But one day it will be. One day you will fully realize that food is necessary for your body and that you need it to live and be healthy!!! I have faith in you, I know that one day you will eat a meal because it's healthy for your body and you will love yourself because of it! Keep up the good work!! You can do it!!


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