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Some people think eating disorders are cool; some think it's all about weight loss; and others just don't think at all.
Eating disorders are not cool and when it comes right down to it it's not about weight loss at all-it usually deals with emotional ilssues-for me, my eating disorder keeps me "cold" and this isnt' always good; it's hard not to feel sometimes and when a feeling comes through I have no clue how to deal with it; weather it be a good or bad one.
1 in 3 people will die from an eating disorder. Purging just once can be deadly; a person with an eating disorder can DIE AT ANY WEIGHT. Keep this in mind my friends.
And, if you cant' do this for you, what about your loved ones; how do you think you family feels watching you waste away and they can't do a thing to stop you; and what about your friends; have you isolated from all of them; are you lonely; if not, sooner or later, if you keep up with the eating disorder you will be at this point-it's hell; it's lonely; it's depressing; I'm basically at this point; most days I wish someone had a magic wand and would wave it over me so I no longer had this monster in my life; so I could look in the mirror and be okay with who I am; so my family wouldn't constantly be worried about me.
Eating disorders are not cool. They are a living hell; you can't be anoerxic for just a day or bulimic; once you are in the cycle, you can't stop just like that; So please, if you don't have an eating disorder, don't start-it's not worth it-your life is too precious to give away to this monster-even though the meida constantly tells us thin is in, it's not true; it's not everything; you need to be okay with who you are; as long as you aren't, no matter how much weight you lose you won't be happy; I have set many goal weights and as soon as I reach them I lowered them for I wasn't happy-please, don't start

"The future is not only tomorrow, but the next second that comes, and anything can happen in a second." Penny

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