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Yes, hon, we do know what it's like. It's a horrible feeling isn't it?? Actually, the same thing happened to me just last night. I saw a friend that I haven't seen in about 6 months. When I saw him I had literally not eaten for almost an entire week, I was so fragile and I look at pictures from back then and I know how sick I truly looked. Since then starvation isn't my main problem...anyway, I saw him yesterday and before he left he said "Sarah, I want you to know that you look so much better than you did before, last time I saw you, we were all worried that you had an eating disorder or something, cuz you were so sick-like and pale. It's good to see the color in your cheeks and I can tell you've gained so much weight." OMG! who says that? Why would he say that to me?? I freaked out, came home and purged and purged until my whole body was shaking. I know he was trying to help and I know he was giving me a compliment (in his own distorted way) but even though he doesn't know about my ED...what would possess someone to tell someone else that they "have gained a lot of weight." Even if he was thinking it...I came home and told my best friend what happened and he was like "sweetheart, it's ok, you haven't gained weight, you look the exact same, you just look healthier now." I cried most of the night. I just couldn't handle the words...sometimes I hate the way my ED makes me feel :(

buuuut, i am doing much better today! Don't give up...we can do this you guys, I KNOW WE CAN!! :bouncing:


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