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Re: Confession....
Sep 13, 2002
Hey there, Carlie. :)

So sorry to hear youíre not feeling so well today. Maybe suddenly full days of school after your time away getting better was a bit much all at once? Take care of yourself! Donít overdo it!

I know you donít want to tell your psychologist about the laxatives... I know itís an extremely difficult topic. But please donít feel as though youíre the one to blame for this. Your psychologist will know that too. This is still the works of your eating disorder. I know youíve come a long way. You really have... so donít let fear stop you from telling your psychologist whatís happened. Sheíll understand, I know she will! When I first started with counseling, I had to tell my counselor about my purging after meals and my over exercising. I was VERY scared and I even lied and told my school counselor that I didnít purge because I didnít want my mother to find out. Well, I FINALLY told my counselor the truth, and now sheís helping me find ways to avoid the need to purge, and not once has she made me feel stupid about it! Please donít be afraid to tell her; she needs to know if you want her to help you recover. If you ARE beginning to show the first signs of bulimia then you need to act NOW. You know what having an eating disorder is like. Itís not new to you anymore as youíve been through it all. You know how miserable it made you feel so you KNOW that you want to avoid a relapse. Be it anorexia OR bulimia. Please talk to your psychologist, Carrie. Donít throw away all the hard work youíve already put in to getting better.

Like the others have already said, you donít need to worry about being put on an anti depressant at all. For starters, no one has to know if you donít want them to, but if you do then I assure you they wonít think ANY less of you! In fact, I am also on an anti depressant called Celexa, and have friends Ė one on Prozac and one on Aropax (Paxil). I prefer to keep it quiet simply because I donít want anyone to make a big deal of it, but one of my friends has told many people that sheís one an AD and not ONE of them said to her, Ďyouíre a ĎLooneyíí. :D I assure you! Think of an AD simply as though you would any other medicine such as Insulin for a Diabetic. Itís easier to see it that way, huh? All the AD will do is lift your mood enough for you to be capable of working on your problems so that you can recover from this ED once and for all. Personally, I donít know WHAT I would have done had I not started taking Celexa. It would certainly have been a struggle without it! Iím sure once youíve gotten into the routine of taking it you wonít feel so worried about it anymore. :)

Take care of yourself and let us know how you are doing!


PS: Hope you feel better soon!

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( :angel: Carrie :angel: ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

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