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Just to list a few of the "glamorous" things ED will promise you...if not treated, of course you could still get help, but maybe too late for your body--the human body is NOT a toy, and nothing to play around with--how I wish I would have listened to everyone--including myself (deep down inside) when they told me to stop, or it would hurt me someday--of course I thought the world was "lying" to me...and it would "never happen to me"...HA--I was only FOOLING myself--let's just make sure you understand ONE thing here---you can do whatever you, starve, binge, purge, restrict--it's all up to YOU---but if you continue on the path of ED--I PROMISE you--you will screw up your body...if not DIE!! :( Please get help before it's too late!! Cuz it will happen! Here are some of the hell I caused to my body w/ anorexia/bulimia of 13 yrs.--of course I will remind you and everyone else--it does NOT matter what age, gender, wgt., height, sex, race, how long, or how much you "feed" the ED--only your body KNOWS when it's had enough and will let you know--so again--don't live in denial--cuz I did for too long, I'm just SO lucky to be alive, and thank God more every min. to get a chance to "see the world" ;) you see--I like to, oh well--makes up for all those yrs. I was "silent" are a few of my "scars"--please get help today for YOU--but make sure YOU WANT it...or it won't do any good---
*erosive esophagitas
*chronic gastritas
*hiatle hernia
*acid reflux disease
*kidney/liver problems
*root canals, tooth decay, cavaties, & gum disease
*vision problems
*female problems-can't have kids! :( I'm only 23
*stomach/digestive disorders
*intestinal/bowel disorders
*gallbladder disease/gallstones
*water/fluid retention
*cold/hot sweats
*screwed thyroid
*acne/dry skin
*back/spine/muscle problems
and I would say the worst one yet--->HEART ATTACK!!!
again I'm just SOOOOOOOOOOOO lucky to be alive...but I have to cherish & take care of myself better each and every day...w/ the help of God, Dr.'s, dietitian, counselors, and most importantly MYSELF---to keep fighting and recovering--because we NEVER know if we have tomorrow---LIFE is soooo much more than this hell--you just need to reach out and give it a chance!! :) and's the HARDEST but BESTEST thing you will ever do!! *Take care, God Bless, & always--Keep Smilen!!* :) All the luck & love in the world--from my yours, Alissa

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