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Immunity. That’s what people with eating disorders usually think they have. Immunity from the consequences of that they’re ultimately doing to themselves. Some people know right from the get-go what those consequences are but they don’t think it’ll apply to them. I was very much this way. In fact, I still am, but that little voice called my conscience tells me the truth. In my own experience I suffered from the following...
*Amenorrhea (The loss of 3 consecutive periods as a result of malnourish and low estrogen levels.)
*Cachexia (Medical term for Malnutrition)
*Grey/Discolored Skin
*Hypotension (Abnormally Low Blood Pressure)
*Hair Thinning/Falling Out
*Low Body Temperature (The reason why you’re always cold even with layers of clothing)
*Tightness in Chest (Caused by stress put on by the heart)
*Blurred Vision/Seeing Dark Spots
*Limbs ‘Falling Asleep’ (Caused by poor circulation)
*Back Pain (Caused by stress on kidney’s and dehydration)

Other Symptoms Include:
*Bone Loss/Shrunken Bones (Osteoprosis)
*Shrunken Breasts (In Women)
*Dry/Yellowish Skin
*Lanugo (Growth of fine downy hair all over the body)
*Abdomen Discomfort
*Bloating/Water Retention (Caused my dehydration)
*Edema/Swelling in Limbs (Caused my electrolyte imbalance)
*Electrolyte Imbalance
*Potassium Deficiency in the Blood
*Organ Failure
*Heart Attack
*Slow/Irregular Heart Beat
*Muscle Loss and Weakness
*Fatigue/General Weakness
*Scars on hands/knuckles (Caused by teeth hitting hands during self-induced vomiting)
*Tooth Decay/Erosion of Tooth Enamel (Caused by the acid coming up during self-induced vomiting)
*Sensitivity to Hot and Cold Drinks
*Swelling of the Mouth/Cheek area
*Calluses on the hands/knuckles from vomiting
*Discoloration of teeth (yellowing or browning)
*Gastric rupture (Caused by self-induced vomiting)
*Inflammation/Rupture of the Esophagus (Caused by self-induced vomiting)
*Chronic Irregular Bowel Movements (Caused as a result of laxative abuse)
*Peptic/Stomach ulcers
*Pancreatitis (swelling of the pancreas)

SCARY!! It's so hard to think of that last one...Death. But it happens, it happens a LOT. I doubt any of us are DYING TO BE THIN. All I can say is, I refuse to let this kill me, and it can, if not physically, it can emotionally, which is just as bad.


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