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I've had an eating disorder for 16 years. It started at age 14 with anorexia(I once weighed 200 pounds), then bulimia, then compulsive overeating. I am recovered as I write this and have been for 9 years. The key was discovering I had made my self allergic to wheat and gluten because I binged on it so much. Once that was uncovered and I eliminated wheat and most gluten( spelt is OK for me) from my diet the desire to binge went away. (It got to the point that one small bite of wheat would really set my heart beating irregular. Very scarey! If it wasn't for that I would probably still be binging today!)What I would like to know has anyone else made this discovery? Unfortunately my heart still beats irregular. There is no structural damage to it just very unpredictable episodes of crazy beating and skipped beats, etc. I fear that I have done this to myself. Can anyone relate?


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