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Re: Update...
Nov 5, 2002
Hi again.

I know just how you feel. I feel so inadequite sometimes because the younger girls know more and have more empathy then I do. I wish I could be like that now. But I didn't accept help until recently so I never got to where I felt like I was able to give advice. Still don't really. I've enjoyed each and every person's posts made to me. They are a God send in my eyes. I love it all. Yeah, my husband does know I post. In fact, I print out all my posts so that I can refer back to them when I'm having a down day. I know that I can't always get on the net because of my kids being on the computer. (I hate sharing my computer LOL).
I too find myself eating tons of junk food. That's my downfall. I then threw it up. Haven't done that for a bit and am proud of myself. Now if I could give up the junk food and the laxatives I'd be making a big improvement. They are trying to have me take Welbutrin. They claim it helps stop binge eating. I don't know for sure. I'm very leary of it. I'm more scared that it will make me gain weight.

I'm glad to find someone who's been through what I've been through. I've got a really good friend I've met on the internet who's had the same things too. (Excepet the big time weight gain during pregnancy).
Thanks for posting again!

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