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Re: Everyone! :-)
Jan 13, 2003
Hi, everyone! :) Thanks, Sarah... for asking about us all. :) How are you by the way? Let us know, won't ya!

Dana, HOWDY! :D Yup, I'm still around, and really happy to hear from you after such a long time! :) How are you doing lately? Hows the duck? :p Lol! I hope you DO decide to visit more often 'cause I've missed you around here! As Sarah said, I post when I can, but it's not always that I don't have the time, but also sometimes I'm just so tired at the end of the day that all I want to do is sleep! Sorry about that - I will try to post a little more again. I remember a time when I couldn't stay away from these boards! Lol!

Faith, it's good to hear from you also, 'cause I'm afraid you've just been too quiet lately. :p Okay, so so have I! Anyway, I'm' glad your holidays went okay - mine were fine too... I can't say they were the same miserable sort of holidays that the last few have been, so that's a bonus! Probably 'cause I only got two days holiday this year as I've just started working, but if that's what keeps my mind off it, then so be it!

9Volt... lol, your post was so cute! :p I'm glad to hear you also had an enjoyable holiday. Please try to stay possitive, I know it's difficult, but you can see now that it IS possible to have a good time because you just did over the Christmas Season... so even if things aren't looking so bright for you today, there's always another day tomorrow.

Blue, it saddens me to read how unhappy you really are right now. Please just remember to never give up. Make a deal with yourself that giving up is just NOT an option... you will struggle, I realise that; that's all part of recovery... but you must never give up. I have learn't in my life now that no matter how difficult things can possibly get, they WILL always get better. I honestly felt like you do now SOOOOO many times in the past. I just wanted to die - I suppose you may not really be able to tell that from my posts anymore but that's partly because I'm not posting as much, and partly because I'm doing better. Things DO get better, Blue... every day is a day closer to recovery, just remember that. Because even if you have what you consider to be one of the worst days of your life, it's still another day gone by, and another day closer to the moment when you will finally be happy.

Kites, I just wanted to give you a BIG congratulations on your revovery from your eating disorder. You're right, life IS better this way... and I can't ever imagine getting as sick as I once was again and I'm sure it's the same for you. Well done, Kites - you bring many people here hope with your success.

Sinnrah, I know I don't really know you and you don't really know me, so I thought I'd just say hello and that I like your attitude! You seem to stay so possitive about everything and that is a real bonus. No matter how difficult things get, you just need to keep up that optimism and REFUSE to let the eating disorder affect you any further, because you've already come so far. I mean it, it sounds as though you've already come a long, LONG way and even a slip up wouldn't mean that you were back to square one! That's what Sarah and many of the others here told be a month or two ago when I though I was finally in recovery, and then I slipped up (not just once either!). I found it difficult to see back then, but now I know it's true... so I would say listen to the others; they're wiser than I am!

Also, about the diet pills. Well, I've only taken them a few times and that was about two years ago, so I don't really know too much about them. But I have, however, dealt with the purging side of an eating disorder, and one thing my therapist taught me to do was to first acknowledge the fact that I felt out of control enough that I felt I needed to purge, and then try to distract myself as best I could to avoid purging for as long sa possible. She helped me come up with a list of activities that I enjoyed that I could easily do to try to divert my attention from wanting to purge to something else. I was *supposed* to keep that list with me at all times so that I could get to eat quickly and easily if I needed to. Every time I needed to try to increase the time between thinking about wanting to purge and actually doing so.

I started off at about 2 minutes, and after a long time managed to get it up to about halr an hour... of course I still had slip ups! At the moment I have broken my record and I am up to about 2 months! LOL! Hehe... I guess you could say I was doing pretty well!

Sarah, why have things not been going so well for you lately? Please tell me, I want to know. I feel sad for you but I'm also have confidence in you because the two of us are on the road to recovery together, right? Now we need to try our best to stay together... which means trying our absolute best 100% of the time and helping each other out in times of need. So please let me know so I can be there for you as you have for me.

Take care everyone. I wish you all the BEST of luck!

Lots of love,

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