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Re: Blue Cloud?
Jan 24, 2003
hi faith thank you for asking how i am it means so much [img][/img]

well where do i start? my weight loss is up to about 33lbs in 8 weeks plus some before that so am not to sure what the figure actually is but thats not really all that important i guess.

i tried to eat a 'meal' which was some tuna and pasta not even all that much once it was all cooked i just looked at it and thought i cant eat that its 'real' food! i did try and eat it and i managed most of it too but then once i had i panicked and thought that eating all that was going to be so bad for me and i purged :(
my throat bled and it still hurts now but whenever i try to eat something i just cant keep it down so at the moment it seems safer not to eat at all? i know this probably sounds really messed up to you but to sum it all up things are going down down down

well i have gone on a bit there sorry

how are you doing at the moment i hope you are safe and keep well :angel:

love and bubbles blue

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