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Re: Decision
Feb 12, 2003
Absolutely, get a therapist, or at least check into Overeaters Anonymous- they have a VERY good track record with all types of eating disorders.

Stopping purging/laxatives is hard, but it is also incredibly dangerous to keep using laxatives and purging. The people who tell you it isn't dangerous are more likely to die from it. You have to know that nobody knows when the 'last' time will be before your body gives out, and you end up dead on the floor. If you can't stop on your own, you MUST get help. Nobody is too young to die from eating disorders. If you want to give up laxatives, you can either go 'cold turkey' or taper them off- I'd suggest you talk to your doctor, or at least a school nurse.
I took laxatives for years. I now HAVE to take stool softeners with a mild laxative just so my guts work, and have had to do this ever since I quit laxatives for purging back in 1996. If I don't take them, my bowels literally stop functioning. Then it's rubber glove time, and that is incredibly humiliating and demeaning. That happened while I was in treatment- had to ask the nurse for a pair of gloves because my guts wouldn't work. (and I'd only been using laxatives for a few months during that relapse- I'd been off laxatives for YEARS before I started up again, and how haven't had normal gut functioning for over 7 years). Other risks of laxatives (if your guts won't work at all) are the need for surgery and a colostomy- have to wear a bag for bm to collect in... do you want to risk that?
Get some counselling- I agree that's important, but also look inside yourself, and figure out what's good about you so you can start treating yourself better because you BELIEVE you're worth it!!!! And keep asking questions!!!! That is one of the best ways to get the education you need about eating disorders!!

And I'm so glad you didn't do drugs.... ya gotta love your body!!! You only get one!!! You deserve to treat yourself with respect, and drugs are all about not respecting yourself, or the people who care about you.
Take care!!!

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[This message has been edited by roomrat (edited 02-12-2003).]

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