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Re: Laxatives
May 11, 2003

I, like you, abuse laxatives. I'm not sure why I do because they don't really work. The weight you lose is just water weight, but that empty feeling is what I crave so...I continue to abuse them. :( There is long term damage which can arise by abusing laxatives. Constipation is the number one. You can also develop colon cancer, hymroids, and instinal bleeding and ulcers. Laxative abuse is dangerous no matter how you look at it. However, if you want to keep regular and take a milder, less harmful laxative...take fiber pills such as Fibercon, or take a stool softner. These provide the same effects just in a less dangerous way. I'm very glad that you posted. It shows that you are at a point to ask for help and that isn't an easy thing to do. GO YOU! [img][/img]


Scales are for fish.

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