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Re: Laxatives
May 17, 2003
Hey there Mickygirl! I can relate to your problem of eating when you have emotional issues! That is me! I have trouble binging, and luckily I have avoided the purging and laxative bit! But the binging is a problem all in its own! I LOVE chocolate , too and eat a lot of it when I am down or sad or heck, all the time really! But in all seriousness when I am down and out chocolate is my craving and I do mean craving! I am a newbie in actually admitting that I have a problem with food so I have not a lot of advice for you just some words to let you know that you are not alone! I am proud to hear that you are weaning yourself off the laxatives and that you went a night without them! That is a big deal and you should commend yourself for that! And just a few words to you and to all that may be reading this reply post, we all seem to get down on ourselves and feel like we are crazy, disgusting for our problems with food and purging and the other issues. ANd I know a lot of times we do not give our own selves credit for when we do make some good choices such as Mickeygirl did by not taking the laxatives one night. It is not just NOT taking them ONE night that is a HUGE step for a lot of us and it should be taken with one day at a time, or even one minute or second if need be! I applaude you for your day of surving without the laxatives and good luck to you! Hope to hear back from you as well!

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