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May 10, 2003

try not to get so frustrated with yourself. you ate and that is good. giving up a smidge of control is good. you ate because your body was telling you that you need food and that is a wonderful thing. i have been battleing anorexia since i was 12 and i am not almost 26. i damaged my body in such terrible ways that i cant begin to descirbe. my stomach is completely torn up. i have to have surgery because i damaged my LES so badly that i couldnt keep food down at all. water and rice would make me vomit. years of restricting depleated my vitamin intake and the onset of a genetic blood disorder came on about 30 years early. i am dependant on injections to give me strength. i vomit uncontrollably. it is tough to make it through a work day, and going out to eat for business lunches brings on embarrassing anxiety attacks. i have to take 14 pills a day just to *attempt* to feel normal, even though i dont. you are so young and beautiful and full of life, dont let this happen to you too. it is no way to live. just try to take things one day at a time. when you eat, try not to punish yourself. the body is like a car, without gas you wont go anywhere, food is your fuel. you have a host of people around you who love you and want to have you with them, they support you. believe that you can overcome this. :) there is hope, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and at the end is a healthy, happy, beautiful young woman. dont punish yourself, what you did was good. you will get through this, one small bite at a time.

danielle [img][/img]

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