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Hi, I'm 17 years old, I usually weight somewhere between 115-130 pounds(I'm 5'5). I say usually because my weight changes a lot. I don't know if I'm a compulsive eater or what. I never seem to be full. I'm always hungry, and my mom doesn't seem to mind to keep me eating whatever I want, whenever I want. I eat more when I'm stressed out, bored or mad. When I get done eating I feel so sick(not in the physical way) that I just ate all that. I'm also a vegetarian and I love eating carbs more then anything. My weight really bothers me because my whole life I was the really skinny girl, that was until about the 9th grade. Most people would say I'm average size. The thing is I know my bone structure is really small, you can tell just my looking at my shoulders. I feel really fat and this is on my mind a LOT. I tried doing things like pilates and walking but all it seemed to do was put muscle under my fat and make me look bigger. I even woke up one day and noticed stretch marks on the top of my legs. That really bothered me because it just proved my point more. I don't know what to do. Can anyone give me any advice or help? Thank you!
It's a really difficult question, because, well I don't know where you're from, but in the U.S. and most overdeveloped countries, most people are over average weight and tend to be over-indulgent with food, obese people tend to be unhappy as well as unhealthy and of course 'unattractive. And then there is the opposite extreme, these people who are unhealthily skinny and undernourished, who are so unhappy also.

I have a similar problem as you, I starved myself down to 96 lbs. (i'm 5'3" and have fluctuated between 105 and 115 normally) and then I couldn't stop eating, I was a closet binger, always want to be eating. Now I purge more often then restrict, but my family, especially my mother, they don't see anything wrong with my overeating. I think it's a major cultural problem. People abuse food as a way of avoiding, think they're hungry when they're not, or crave sugar almost like cocaine, because it's a high of sorts.

The best dietary health advice is don't eat a lot of sugar, fat or carbs, but eat complex carbs like oats, whole wheat, millet, brown rice, eat your vegetables, the best thing to do is eat less refined processed foods, the more raw the better, and exercise. I used to be vegan and am still pretty much vegetarian, and I know that can be hard, because carbs are the most readily available, but they are so plentiful for a reason: corporate large-scale farms and profit driven endeavors.

Carbs don't fill you up, you can keep eating them, so the big corporate companies have filled supermarkets with bread and pasteries and dough products. What's the all american food? Pizza, a slab of dough with some cheeze, you could eat slice after slice, potato chips, corn chips, everything. They make more money off us never getting full but getting fat and addicted instead.

My best advice is to not necessarily distract yourself, but find something else in life more worth spending energy over than food. . .

I'm still working on this.
I think I eat too much because, I eat until I'm past full then I eat more, I eat when I'm not hungry, etc. I don't really know if I eat more then my friends, I've never compaired myself to them. I've always just compared myself to me and how my own eating changes around. When I say I'm always hungry I mean..I can eat Thanksgiving dinner then 30 minutes later probably eat it all over again. No I haven't always had a large appetite, infact I used to hardly eat anything(it wasn't an anorexic thing, I was just never hungry). I'm not the muscular anymore. I used to be running the mile in 5 its about 10. So I would say No to that. I've also been checked for thyroid problems, stuff like that, because it runs in my family but I don't have any problems there. Thank you.

Hi hon :wave:

I have often said that about myself...that I could eat and eat and eat, and that I am always hungry and never full. It's an awful feeling, isn't it? You feel abnormal (especially me, after restricting food for so long and then purging food for so long, I just feel weak when I eat without restricting or purging...) are not alone.

Also, the thing that is concerning with your post that I don't believe anyone else has mentioned is that you said you were always thinking about food and feeling awful (mentally) after you've eaten the food. These thoughts are not healthy thought, hon. They're triggers for ed's, and I think it's wonderful tha tyou have noticed that your thoughts are not quite right and have come to the boards seeking information and support! That's the first step!! :D Give yourself a hug.

As for over-eating, I agree that the best thing to do is to find a support system and then have them help you when you "feel the need" to overeat. It's such an incredibly difficult situation, it's an obsession, almost an addiction that can become controlling and life-altering. Good luck!!! I'll keep sending happy thoughts your way!!! :angel: ((((hugs))) Take care of yourself!


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