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I sometimes wish that I would have anorexia so that I could lose some weight. That was, until someone I know became anorexic. This person has become very thin and looks horrible. I now realize that you can indeed be too thin. Besides looking horrible, you are endangering your health. Of coarse you are young and probably do not look far into the future. There are so many things that I would do differently if I were young again. I wish that I could take back all of those years of sunbathing for one! If you really want to look good, you would develop healtful eating habits and a good exercise routine. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat, so excercise alone would cause you to gain weight. Unless you are at at critical state, I think that your parents are wrong to monitor what you eat. By doing so, they are putting more focus on your eating habits and making you more nuerotic about food. A good self image affects everything we do in life, so I can understand your wanting to be thin. When we are happy, we are kinder, etc. But you also need to consider your health. When you don't feel good, no amount of positive self image will help you. If you don't get help for your problem, you will suffer, both physically and emotionally. Sometimes, happiness is hard to find. I promise that you will not find happiness by starving yourself or by being bulimic. Help yourself by making an effort to see the little things that make life wonderful. Tell yourself that you have alot to live for. Get professional help if you need it. Don't do this for your parents, do it for yourself. Use that willpower that keeps you from eating to help you eat the right foods and not junk.

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