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hi there,
i am a former anorexic and I have fully recovered and know everything there is to know about food and the grocery store...i used to spend hours just browsing around.....i was 83 lbs, now a healthy 110....
here is what you should look for (ask any questions you need of me)
-zen muffins (huge muffins 200 calories each, all natural with fruit and they are loaded with fiber)
-cereals like cheerios, kix, kashi cereals (my fav.), etc....look for ones without partially hydrogenated oils in them because those are bad.
-van's belgian waffles with aunt jemima light syrup
-put fresh fruit on the waffles (berries) and put bananas or blueberries, etc. on your cereal
-small bagels with light cream cheese and all fruit preserves (i buy sarah lee, 160 cal. each bagels)
-use skim or 1% milk for cereal
or if you like eggs
-make an egg mcmuffin with english muffin, 2 egg whites, 2 slices canadian bacon, and a piece of 2% american cheese by craft (230 cal. total)
-limit juice and use splenda in coffee or over cereal

-bread for sandwiches (sourdough or whole grain...look for bread without partially hydrogenated oil)
-meat like turkey or lean ham, etc.
-condiments like mustard, dijonaise, i use regular mayo. too, but just a little so i taste it and am satisfied..never deprive yourself.
-lettuce and tomato for sandwiches and whatever else veggie you like
-i use avocado as well on turkey, but not every day
-salads are great too, but limit salad dressing and use light if you kraft light or gerards light cesear is good

-meat like chicken breasts (buy frozen bulk and save money) or pork tenderloin, or filet mignon or flank steak (very lean meat), or fish
-veggies steamed your choice (limit lima beans and corn because those are starchy)
-potato or rice or pasta, but you should eat smaller amounts of these and no butter or cream, etc...
when i want butter or sourcream for my potato i use spray butter (yum) or light butter in a tub (30 cal per TB) and light sour cream..
-buy light cheese when making mexican food or italian
and look for low sugar pasta sauces like classico
and i still make garlic bread with the light butter and parmesean.

-light icecream (dreyers, not ben and jerry...check labels for calories)
-your favorite once in a while (i love going out to eat and do it every sunday so i eat the restaurant cake and pies when i go on sundays...that's the meal i splurge on and i love it)
-diet soda or water

it took a lot for me because i used to be healthy in high school weiging 105-110 lbs depending on my muscle level and sports during the year...then i got scared about my wight and quitting sports so i tried to lose lbs. and finally spiraled to 83 lbs. i looked so gross with bones everywhere and bruises because i had no way of healing was all baby steps incorprating food back into my diet...start off small and work your way up...i am well and eat everything i stated above and go out 1 or 2 times a week out to restaurants and eat what i want (cream sauces, pizza, lasagna, tiramasu, cake, whatever) i don't guilt myslef for one night a week of eating like crap and i don't gain weight like that because i stop when i'm full and i still eat dessert every night. (usually icecream )

it's ok to eat your fries and pizza once in a while (1 time a week) but not any more than that...good luck shopping and don't ever deprive what you want

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