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On my way back from my night out..I was thinking about people on here and their problems etc..and I realised 'wow..i understand quite a lot of people'

Over-eaters/bingers..who can't seem to stop eating to cure their bad times...i know how it feels...i came in in tears coz I was thinking of my ex..and I came in..and although it was just a few chinese crackers..i felt numb and justr stuffed them in my mouth- hoping that it would take the pain i felt away.

people who throw up (dont like to label..sorry if it seems like I already have)- I know what it is like to have to puke things up...I have been there..and.....when u don't puke up..u have this guilt cloud hanging over your head. I know the tiredness u feel and how upset and p****d off at yourself u feel everytime u do it. matter how hard u cry..nothing takes sh** away. It stays with u.

People who are afraid of eating- I know what it is like to have a goal set..and want to strive for that goal. If n e one DARES to mess with your plans...they become you enemies. If u have to break your 'good deeds' of not eating..u become withdrawN....u make people who ask u normal qs make them feel stupid....just coz ur angry...noone understands ur pain apart from the people who feel WITH u and are going through the same thing.

People who have a struggle with dieting- god, aint it a b**** when u have worked all hard all week and then your conscience takes over and u pig out to death! Noone understands just how strong the mind can any case. Dieting isnt easy...and..dont we all know it!!!!! U think.. "oh yes!! I have lost weight! It wont do n e harm if I just pig out on a full cake" or something. U want everything....but u want to do nothing to get it.. it is too hard of going through the pain and the failure..the confidence lowers everytime u have a downfall. everyone who feels constantly depressed...god;.i feel u most at this time of my life! I have never felt so much wedged into a hole in all of my life!!! U feel that there's not a single soul who could help u out of this. yet, u think urself "would I want to be helped if I was offered it or if I was given a chance from somewhere"? I am stubborn to help..I dont know about the rest of u. This depression is something that u can't just 'get better with' all of the above...

Those who hurt themselves...u seems a great fix to relieve the pain, anger, hurt, guilt.. but it is a permanent relief to a temporary problem...we have to remember that. We leave a permanent scar..that, one day..we will live to regret..and I can bet my life on that- I am so sure!!! Now and then..sure..i do feel like I need to do it....but a harsh voice kicks me up the a** and tells me what a d*** I am being...puts me in my place.

Honestly..i do understand so so so so many problems..laxative abuse..i have done it...and..u know..websites that I turned my nose up at..thinking "they know sh*t"...they were right..laxatives may lose some VITAL water in the body..but that weight loss is only WILL come back....the only loss that u r doing to your body the loss of the good stuff u need to make ur body run properly..the stuff that makes everything work. Same with pills....everything!!!!!!

Those who eat at nights..well..get up to eat at nights..I have never done it..but I have thought about it....I have actually thought so much about it that I ended up falling back to sleep!!!!!!!

There's so many more issues I could talk about...but...maybe another episode I will go into it...take care all....Ashlee..I hope u r OK..... and to everyone.......

I understand whatever pain u are going through..even if ur a friend asking about someone else or a family member of someone u r concerned about.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Bye for nowxxxxxx

Caroline :)

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