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hi there. i'm new here and i should probably do a post introducing myself but i really felt compelled to respond first because i may be able to help you. 1st off, i'm 27 yo, i was bulemic for about 10 years and doing great for about 8 months now. about 3 years ago i started waking up to eat like you described. to clarify this to you, you are not really awake when you do this. you are in a sort of semi-awake state kind of like sleepwalking. if you were awake awake you would simply choose not to eat like you're perfectly capable of doing during the daytime. while i'm sure the eating disorders likely help to trigger this bizarre sleep disorder, it is it's own medical problem that needs to be addressed. i waited a long time to speak to my doctor about it because i was sure it was caused by the bulimia and i thought he would just talk to me about nutrition and metabolism and all that. but after i stopped the bulimia, the problem continued, and actually kept getting worse. i would wake up every hour, every night, and would eat bagels, peanut butter, crackers, and sweets. i never starve myself during the day--i eat healthy when i am hungry until i am full. so there was nothing in my behavior that i could change, and i was getting very frustrated and starting to put on quite a bit of weight. then i did searches on nocturnal eating and sleep disorders and found out they are real and serious and don't just go away. i made an appointment with my doctor and told him everything. he was great. he explained to me that there is a high correlation between anxiety and this particular sleep disorder, and also a high correlation between anxiety and bulimia/binge eating, but that doesn't mean that the bulimia caused the sleep disorder. he said that he doesn't prescribe sleeping pills that are "hypnotics"--like ambien--for long-term problems because your body builds up a tolerance to them and they stop working. he prescribed for me an anti-anxiety medication (something i never tried before) called desyryl (generic name trazodone) which also helps you sleep. i take 200 mg at bedtime, and i sleep like a baby straight throught the night. i am 5'4" 130 lbs. so you may need to take more or less. it has literally changed my life. it is also very inexpensive if you get the generic--like $20 a month i'm not kidding. i feel so much better since i've been on it. so my suggestion to you is to speak to a doctor. i hope i've been helpful--big hugs and good luck.

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