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Hey...Jo17! I know that you probably mean well, but your post came off rather harsh. I havn't read your story--but I am sure you know as well as any of us how hard overcomming an ED is. If you are recovered then more power to you--but it isn't as easy as saying eat healthy and exercise. People with eating disorders can get to the point where it is beyond there power to get better on their own. I have been anorexic and am curently bulimic. I have been to therapist, dietitions, and so on. I want nothing more then to get better---and I see the signs of my ED, such as peach fuzz on my face and problems sleeping---I do want to be healthy more than anything...but somewhere along the way I got caught into the cycle of binging and purging. I try so hard to get better but I am at my last string. I know that I am hurting myself...and you probably want to help by reminding all of us about the dangers that come along with EDs...the only problem is that for some reason---psychologically--many of us are unable to control what we do. I understand what you are saying though...becasue only I can choose to overcome this, but if you can't find the right support system it can be VERY difficult. Anyways, I do hope that soon I will wake up from this nightmare!

Love Katie

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