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How do i get out
Sep 14, 2003
i have been going between anorexia and pruging for like 9 months or so now and i have wanted out for a long time now but i can't get out. every time that i eat something i gain a massive amount of weight over night so then i have to resort to not eating until i become my old weight again. i want to be able to eat normally again but i don;'t know how to get there.

i have no one to talk to about this because none of my family or friends know what i have been doing, as i have had to resourt to making excuses as to my odd behaviour. it is really embarrassing that i could never tell anyone but i feel so lost that i just cry cause i am so tired of being sick (mentally) all of the time.
you people speak of fighting this for many years, but i want out now. is it really going to take years to become normal or will i ever be able to be 'normal' again, will i have to fight this for the rest of my life.
also i was wondering is there anything that would control the binges. after not eating for a while to get back to my normal weight i go crazy in the kitchen and have been known to consume 4000 calories in one sitting! i can't eat normally anymore it is all no nothing.

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