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I was never bulimic but have suffered anorexia. I'm sure both diseases go along w/ the same distorted body image/control issues/hopelessness.
First of all........Good job!!! You are realizing you have a PROBLEM (a big one at that) and are tyring to do something about it! Way to go!!! Next you have (in your post) counted your blessings. That's great. You have love and support, which will be a BIG help thru the hard times ahead.
Does your fiance know? If he doesn't I don't suggest just coming right out and saying "I make myself throw up" People that have never had this problem doesn't fully understand it. They think we are either nuts, doing it for attention, or can stop just because they say we should. Don't take any negative comments to heart from others. I would suggest making an appt with a GOOD physican that can refer you to a GOOD psychologist/eating disorder therapist and make him go w/ you. They can explain to him everything you're going thru and probably even better than you could explain it yourself. Going to therapy is NOT shameful. Everyone could use unbiased ears to share their problems with. You also need a check up. I do know that purging does major damage to your esophagus. Don't worry about that right now. Worry about getting yourself all better. Good luck.

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