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Re: Still anorexic?
Nov 23, 2006
I know for me I go through periods of restricting and then "heavy consumption." Personally, I feel like it's once an anorexic, always an anorexic, the degrees just vary. Have you also considered that a binge to us may be a little distorted (just like everything else?) I know when I feel like I've binged, when I actually look at the numbers they are definitely higher, but in the normal range of what a person should be eating in a day.

Anorexia has become this trophy word in our society. I feel like it almost represents willpower, strength, something... it's absolutely wrong, but you know what? You earned that "title." Don't get yourself down over losing something that you "earned." You know what I mean?
Re: Still anorexic?
Nov 23, 2006
[QUOTE=jjwdean] Have you also considered that a binge to us may be a little distorted (just like everything else?) [QUOTE]

I wonder that too myself. After a binge I sometimes go back and count the number of calories it was (usually Im to afraid to do that) and like you, it is higher but within the averagel range of what a normal person would eat. But I use to do so good at controling my binges and considered myself a "good anorexic" (if theres such a thing) but now its like I have no will power at all. I mean I still freak out about calories and tend to go for the lite or diet stuff but lately I just been eating more or within the normal range. Ive even gained some weight but Im probabily still underweight. I keep telling myself starting tomorrow after all this thanksgiving stuff is over Ill probabily really restrict. I was just thinking the only difference between now and a year ago is that my parents were not aware of my ED. Today they suspect I have an ED but no one has really brought it up. They ask me every day if I ate or what I ate. Could that be a reason of why I dont restrict as much as I use too? Just by them knowing about my ED?:confused:

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