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Re: Recovery weight
Jan 26, 2007
I do tend to eat pretty normally now. That being said, I do tend to cook meals that are healthy but that is just because it is better for me and my husband (he has high cholesterol). Sometimes we eat out or there's a get-together or something and I eat foods that aren't at all healthy, hamburgers & french fries, things like that. But since I only do it rarely, I don't worry about it and I don't stuff myself. I always have a few pieces of chocolate every day (more right before my period), I eat three meals daily and usually have snacks like popcorn or bread with peanut butter. I try not to fixate on it. I eat when I'm hungry; if I'm starting to feel faint/dizzy/weak and know I haven't eaten in several hours, I eat. The key is to pay attention to what I'm feeling. The thing about anorexia is I think you so worry about losing control when eating and suddenly ballooning up. But, if I'm snacking or eating something (healthy or not), I just honestly listen to my stomach. When it tells me I'm full (and truthfully tells me, not what the ED tells me), then I stop eating. When I'm hungry, I eat.

The need to overexercise was the hardest to break. I used to be obsessive about this. For better or worse, I really injured my knees and feet by running way too much when I was sick, so it was actually a long time before I could do anything more than walking for exercise. Now I have a rule: when I exercise, it is only ONE time a day and never EVER longer than an hour (if it's walking) or 30 minutes (if it's the ellipitical trainer). I do some light weight lifting a few times a week and I think that is maybe helping with some water retention (I had a very extreme bad reaction to my last birth control pill where I retained a lot of water & got very moody & had many symptoms convincing me I was pregnant, which I'm not. I stopped the pill 7 months ago, and the water retention is a lot better but I think the weight lifting is really helping it.)

I still have the need to exercise, but I don't beat myself up if I miss a couple days, even a couple weeks while on vacation. If my muscles get sore or if I'm tired or feeling sick, I just tell myself I have to do what is best for my body, which is taking a day (or two) off from exercise.

Some things that may help with water retention--but you have to speak to your doc first if you're still in recovery because I don't want you to take something your body can't handle--is a B vitamin complex or a magnesium/calcium complex. In addition, eating celery or grapefruit may help it too as well as drinking plenty of water and trying not to eat too much sodium. Really, the best thing I found was weight lifting.

After initially gaining weight, the weight was still distributed on my body quite strangely for the first 6 months and even some parts up to the first year. I am talking not during the weight gain, which took many months itself, but after it.

Congrats on your recovery...:blob_fire

The ED never goes away completely, but time does make things easier, time away from bad ED habits. I DO feel much better physically now, plus my hair is shiny & thick, and my skin has a nice healthy glow, and I don't get heart palpitations any more. I took some pictures before I got married, about 2 years ago, I was well into recovery, and I am SO proud of them...I never see it looking in the mirror, but looking at those pictures, I'm like, Wow, I really look good...! My mother-in-law told me I look a lot like Grace Kelley did when she was young, and I actually think she is right! Crazy I can look in the mirror and see one thing and look at those pictures and see something completely different!

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