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[QUOTE=aichdee;2805052]Hi, I figured I would post this to maybe get some advice from someone who knows more about eating disorders.

I have been with my girl friend for 7 years now, I am 21 and she is 20. Over the last year and a half she has had a dramatic weight loss. [removed]

She seems to be obsessed with how many calories she eats. She will eat a really small amount of food in a day but likes to eat sweets. She always feels bloated and sick after she eats now which never used to happen. She is extremely self conscious about her image. It has gotten to a point where she dislikes me touching her because she is so worried how she looks. I don't think she has had a period in a long time either because of her weight loss, which I read could have serious consequences. I have talked to her about it and told her I am extremely concerned and so have her parents. However, it has not gotten better. I don't know where to go from here because i am getting worried and don't want her to have health issues.

If anyone has any advice on what I should do or how I should go about helping her I would greatly appreciate it.[/QUOTE]
Hi. Iv just read your post. Iv been suffering from an eating disorder since I was 11. I am 21 now but I have always denied I had a problem. I found it very hard to tell people about it but now with the good support I am getting on the right road to recovery.

It must be very hard for yoy seeing someone you love going through this. It seems your girlfriend does need help. Its brilliant that you are there to support her but she must realise she has a problem before help can be given.

I really do hope everything goes well if you need any advice glad to help
Sparkle x

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